Teague Police Officer Shot

Teague Police Officer Mike Noll was shot Wednesday evening, October 17th as he tried to take a firearm away from a teenager who authorities believed was possibly intending to harm himself.

According to the Freestone County Sheriff?s Office, which is investigating the incident, Officer Noll responded to a message at approximately 9 p.m. that a juvenile teen, who?s name cannot be released due to the laws concerning juveniles, was in possession of a firearm and possibly intended to harm himself.

Freestone County Sheriff Ralph Billings reports that Officer Noll had called Teague Chief of Police Dennis Cox, to come to Eppes Street (behind Brookshire Bros. off Atwood St.) for possible assistance. The Juvenile and his Mother were at the edge of the street and appeared to be in a confrontation over the juvenile holding a firearm in his hand. Officer Noll went to their location, attempted to reason with the Juvenile, got his hands behind him, one holding the firearm, and the gun fired.

Sheriff Billings reported that Officer Noll slumped to the pavement and was rendered first aid by Chief Cox, until an ambulance arrived. The juvenile fled into an adjacent, wooded area, and as local Officers were just beginning to search for him, he walked back and surrendered himself. The Juvenile was detained by Officers and was transported to the Sheriff?s Office and later evaluation by medical authorities.

Officer Noll was transported to Hillcrest Hospital in Waco by helicopter for treatment and medical evaluation. He was released by the hospital a few hours later and sent home. Officer Noll reportedly received a clean flesh wound with no bones or arteries struck.

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