4D Archery Pro show to open

Wilderness Artistry Taxidermy will soon be an all-in-one stop for bow hunters, by partnering with 4D Archery Pro Shop, opening in November next door. Long-time friends Will McClellan, owner of Wilderness Artistry, and Nate Davey, owner of 4D Archery know that the convenience of having the services so close together will benefit their businesses and their customers. The new building will house the new archery shop as well as the overflow of production for Wilderness Artistry, who has outgrown its existing building since implementing changes that improved turnaround time for finished mounts.

4D will offer a new, local option for archery sales, repair and tune ups of compound bows, traditional bows, and crossbows. Their line of products will include brands like PSE Archery, Martin Archery, Diamond Archery, Parker Crossbows, TruGlo, TruBall, Gold Tip, Carbon Express, Slick Trick, and AMG Archery. 4D is also an authorized Carbon Tech Dealer, and expects to add more brands soon.

?Every bow sale is personal to me. No matter how long it takes, I make sure that every customer leaves with a bow that performs like it should, and that they are competent to use it in the field. This ensures their hunts are successful and therefore their experience with 4D is successful. I want to earn a customer for life, not just a sale,? says Davey, a lifelong bow hunter who has been building and servicing bows for over twenty years. Davey emphasizes that making a good product match for a new bow hunter is essential. ?A bad match can sour them to bow hunting. So for me getting the right equipment in their hands is so important.?

Wilderness Artistry Taxidermy is owned by Will and Christina McClellan of Teague. They take in work from around the world and have been doing taxidermy for over 15 years.

4D Archery Pro Shop is owned by Nate Davey of Groesbeck. He is currently taking orders for tuneups and repair through Wilderness Artistry Taxidermy and is scheduled to be fully operational by November 1.

For more information contact Nate Davey at 254-747-0114 or Christina McClellan at 254-562-7883.

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