Sheriff's Report October 4

Sheriff?s Report Number 613- Loose horses, FM-489, ran off road by caller. Lady reports car just taken without permission at Freestone Apts., all officers alerted, but 13 minutes and 5 seconds later all were told to disregard the call?.he dropped it off at caller?s Mother?s house. Elderly Lady on FCR-231, sick, ill, FEMS enroute. Man turns self in at jail on Hot Checkin? Warrant. Inmate arrested a few days ago by Teague scuffles and fights with Jailer and Deputy while being booked, one employee bit, checked out at ER. Later apologized for his shenanigans?.and then asked that it all just basically be forgotten. I appreciate his first thought, but after one bite, trips to the ER, causing a huge commotion, a few shots of Pepper Spray, etc., well, just don?t think we?ll be able to forgive and forget totally. Sometimes it is easy to forgive?..but far harder to forget.

Dep. Jones to gate troubles, FCR-841. DPS Sullivan arrests IH-45 driver on Anderson County warrant. Loose cows, North 75, Deputy House to same. Deputies Elom and House to Family Problems of husband/wife nature, FCR-601, separated for the night, let tempers cool off. FEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate vomiting blood. Someone reported been sleeping in another?s barn in Streetman area. Loud Music reported on Post Oak?..Hold on?.Never mind, just turned it down.

Leon Co. S.O. advised of cow/car accident, between Oakwood and Buffalo. Report of one customer causing problems for others, Dap?s, TPD Foree and Reed to same. Leon County advised of caller advising black Jeep driving very reckless, Mile 180, south bound. Deputy Robertson on Mental transport to/from Austin. Laser lights spotted, Hwy. 179, Dep. Jones to same. Wortham VFD assist with Lady after a fall, Hwy. 14, Wortham.

Fairfield, Teague and Dew VFD?s to smoking roof on Forest Drive. Man ordered to Jail for Failure To pay Child Support. FEMS to Dogan School, Lady ill. TPD Reed and Foree to report one young man pulled a knife on others. Dep. House to problems on Big Lake one Ex just busted a window. Loose white bull on FCR-298, possible owner contacted, will check. Butler VFD to fire on Indian Creek Ranch. Stroke feared on S. 4th by caregiver in Wortham, Mexia PD advised.

Anderson County S.O. advised of motorcycle/truck accident, 79 at 294. Deputy to Donie, troubles over rent house. Possible night hunters reported on FM-39, Limestone County S.O. advised. FPD Kindon in pursuit of vehicle on FM-488, to Jail, DWI. Leon County advised of loose cow two miles west of Oakwood. Loose cattle FCR-111, owner enroute. THDEMS to S. 9th, Lady in much pain, abdominal area. FEMS and Streetman VFD to assist Lady, IH-45, 52 year old diabetic with her has grown very combative, not taking their meds she advises.

Black flatbed Dodge just ran through fence on FM-80, backed up, drove off, officers looking but unable to locate him after left scene. Loose horse, no halter, with hobbles, FCR-601, owner contacted. THDEMS to Main Street, Lady fell, in floor all night. Deputy House to missing jewelry on FM-246.

I heard of a group of local men who went out of County very recently to hunt dove?..I am not exactly certain of the names of those involved?..But will tell what I know?It seems their party was three in number and the hunting was dragging at one particular location so two decided that they would change locations to another portion of the property, to either continue hunting their elusive prey?.or wet their hook in a large pool of water that seemed particularly inviting?..but now, Fast Forward to the return of our two back to their still on site other Hunting Buddy, the one who had stayed on post and had not altered his plans?..All was well until one of the two whom had left the scene for a few hours got to picking up and retrieving his dove decoys that he had placed around several hours prior on likely looking tree limbs, fence wires, etc??He was one short!! He searched and looked, knew exactly how many that he originally had??Nothing to do but look again much closer?.And it was on this second search that success smiled down on his endeavor?..well, that is to say, at least he found the place where he had stuck the decoy?..and, furthermore, he did find his decoy?..or at least most of what was left initially when he had set them up, and were last seen by him??But it seems that our steadfast hunter, the one who had opted not to change locations or alter his own particular plans and scheme?..He had fired one full load of birdshot into the decoy, thinking that it was a live bird! Of course, there was no end to the verbal harangue that followed on the return trip back to our County, two against one! Now, let us once again fast forward to a few days after their return??. when our intrepid Dove Decoy Executioner walked into a local eatery?..And unknown to him of the following arrangement, a white Styrofoam compartmented dinner tray was immediately set before him by a staffer, napkin and silverware on the side, top piece neatly folded over with both tabs properly tucked in??and upon lifting the lid away, probably hoping for fresh, hot biscuits well lathered with white gravy, viewed the remaining carcass and pieces of that previously shot and prepared Dove Decoy! Ready once again for his pleasure. We will now take our leave of this Mighty Big Game Hunter and his stalwart cohorts, his rock steady aim and their pride damaging words?..And return once again to the normal business at hand??

Loose horse, North FM-80. THDEMS and Doctor Chopper assist Lady on N. 4th, broken ribs feared after a fall. FEMs to chest pains on Barnes. DPS Jones to roll-over on hwy-179, vehicle rolled, intoxicated female arrested, then kicks officer when he?s trying to get her out of the patrol car upon arrival at jail. Add one more charge, Assault on a Public Servant. THDEMS to 7th, elderly Lady has fallen, next stop Waco.

18 Wheeler reported dragging a storage box under trailer, throwing sparks, all unknown to driver, DPS Sullivan advised to be on the lookout for same. Teague VFD to Peterbilt on fire, Main Street. DPS Sullivan to accident on Old 75 South, just south of Fairfield a few hundred feet. Lady on Big Lake connected to Poison Control, grandchild just got into her medications. Deputy Elom picks up child on Court Order and delivers to another family member.

FPD Hartley arrests man on Reunion for Assault Family Violence. Deputy Shipley arrests man out of vehicle stop on East 84, JP1 Warrants. DPS Jones arrests man at Mile 212, No Seatbelt was the reason, but then he lied about his name, said he was his brother??Red Flags went up for DPS Jones?..When again asked, he flat refused to give any name, right, wrong or another kinfolk?s, to Jail, DL Invalid plus Failure To Identify, finally admitted who he was after arrested.

Have a very good chance at rain over coming weekend. Let it pour and pour. Don?t believe any will complain too loudly if it does.

FEMS to FCR-1240, breathing troubles and confusion. Southern Oaks VFD to grassfire that has caught a mobile home on fire, but they got it all handled. FEMS and Kirvin VFD to FM-80, Lady fell, injured foot. DPS Purnell to two vehicle accident, Mile 182. FEMS to breathing troubles on East Bradley. Dep. Robert Willis to Hwy. 179, mail box knocked down, keys found at scene. Dep. Diana Willis takes report of car stolen, Hwy. 179. DPS Sullivan to accidental rollover of forklift, FCR-235.

Rain all over County Saturday, through the night then continues into Sunday. Much needed and appreciated even more. Over three inches at my house. Creek flooded, FCR-751, caller says pickup washed into ditch. FEMS to FCR-441, older Lady very ill. FPD Frasier arrests young man on multiple unpaid Fairfield traffic Warrants on Mount. FEMS to Oak Street, possible low blood sugar troubles. TPD Foree to vehicle unlock, West 84.

DPS Purnell, Streetman VFD and FEMS to accident, Mile 206. Dep. Brewer arrests man at residence in Teague on Warrant. DPS Purnell, Dew VFD and Buffalo EMS to flipped truck, Mile 182. Navarro County advised of loose cows, FM-416. Drinking man arrested, Assault family Violence, by Dep. Harrison, FCR-300. Woman having troubles with man on Sabine, No Trespass Notice issued, not to return. THDEMS and Donie VFD to chest pains, FCR-781.

Call comes in from across the River, someone threatening suicide, Anderson County S.O. advised. FEMS to local Football Field, 17 year old cold, throwing up blood. FEMS to FCR-231, chest pains and head aching. Deputies to dispute in Kirvin. THDEMS to Boyd Unit, Inmate passing blood.

Welp, reckon that?ll wrap it up for another week?..We got the rain we?ve been needing?.the daily temperatures have dropped several notches?.summer seems to be slipping by the wayside.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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