7th grade Lions beat Groesbeck 32-6

?This was a fantastic game for these young Lions,? said Coach Derrek Tyler. ?We dominated on both sides of the ball and got better in every facet of the game.?

Coach Tyler was speaking of the 7th grade football team?s 32-6 win over the Groesbeck Goats on Thursday, September 20th at Groesbeck.

Kade Collins recovered a fumble on the 1st play after the kickoff. Antonio Heard scored on a 3-yard touchdown run and then Heard also scored the PAT on a run, ending the first quarter with a score of 8-0.

In the 2nd quarter Heard scored on a 6-yard touchdown run bring the score to 16-0. Tayvis Coleman stripped the ball from the Goat quarterback on the Groesbeck 11-yard line returning it back to the 5-yard line. Coleman Scored on the next play with a 5-yard touchdown run. The PAT was good on an Antonio Heard run ending the 2nd quarter with a 24-0 Lion lead.

The Goats slipped a touchdown in on the hard playing Lions in the 3rd quarter but Tayvis Coleman scored on a 48-yard touchdown run. With a great PAT run from Antonio Heard the score was 32-6. With no score in the 4th quarter, 32-6 would be the final score of the game.

?The 7th grade B-Team scrimmaged Groesbeck?s 7th grade B-Team and although they were outscored we saw a lot of positives and improvements,? said Coach Tyler.

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