Sheriff's Report September 27th

Sheriff?s Report Number 612-Butler VFD and FEMS to possible stroke, FCR-261. Wortham VFD to S. 1st, man fell, wife needs help getting him up off floor. Call from Oakwood, 19 year old slicing self with a blade, taking pills, Leon Co. S.O. advised. THDEMS to Teague High, Lady has fallen. Deputy Elom to FCR-523, checking on welfare of man at residence. Fairfield VFD and Atmos to Carroll Drive, gas meter just struck.

FEMS and Kirvin VFD assisting 15 year old, ran over while hunting, slipped when closing gate, accidentally run over by Sis. Owner contacted, loose cattle, FM-27. Deputy Shaw dealing with Family Troubles, one reported tearing up the house. Officer Doty to Streetman, signs destroyed or painted overnight. FPD advised of potential Family troubles brewing on Gregg. TPD Foree and Reed to problems over loaned vehicle.

TxDOT advised of dead wild hog, FM-2547. FEMS to Oak Street, Lady fears she is having a heart attack. Dep. Brewer arrests Teague man at residence on Warrant. Deputy to missing or stolen cows, FM-2570. BURN BAN LIFTED 09-17-12. Loose cow, FCR-111, owner contacted. THDEMS to FCR-501, another Lady fears she?s having a heart attack. FEMS to Hall Street, Lady non-responsive.

Loose cow FM-80, possible owner called. DPS Jones to vehicle/hog accident, FM-488. DPS Sullivan to another wreck, IH-45. This one a first for me?..car disabled, AAA sending wrecker out of Groesbeck?.but here?s the deal?..The car struck an ARMADILLO and is disabled?..All I can figure on this is he either ruined a radiator or knocked a hole in the oil pan. Dog Bite problems on FCR-969.

Deputy Clayton Aldrich arrests man at residence on Warrant. Deputies Wiilis and McGowan arrest man on Mimosa Lane, Controlled Substance. FPD to local Post Office, customer irate, causing a commotion, arrested by FPD Gallegos, to Jail. Deputy Diana Willis to Natural Death, Dew area. Man arrested by TPD Noll and Foree after he jumps counter at local Convenience Store, steals cigarettes, jumps back then leaves?.In Jail on theft charge, now.

WPD Doty to Stubbs, Civil Standby while property removed. Deputy Harrison to another in Teague area. Also to Husband/Wife Troubles on FCR-550. TPD Noll to Tyler Street, keys locked in vehicle. Dep. Robert Willis to Jail with 96 MPH speeder who had Mary Jane in glove box. FPD advised of dog bite problem at Reunion Grounds. Man with injured hand headed to ER in private vehicle. THDEMS to West 84, rapid heart rate plus a pacemaker, next stop Providence Hospital, Waco.

FEMS and Oakwood VFD to FCR-325, breathing troubles, patient to Palestine ER. TPD Reed to N. 5th on report of black Pit Bull walking down the street, dragging his chain. FPD advised of glass on the floor, door busted in, Steward Lane. Deputy Harrison to FCR-1241, Lady keeps trying to get into her car, large tan and white dog keeps charging at her. Also to report of loose cows, FM-27 at FCR-941, but none located.

THDEMS to leg pains on Main. DPS Sullivan, FEMS and Fairfield VFD to accident, roll-over, Mile 202. Deputy Howerton on mental transport to Palestine. WPD Crowley and DPS Conner to East Brazos, car ran Stop Sign, struck house. TPD Cox to storage shed burglarized on Walnut. Loose cow, IH-45 north of FM-833.

The Presidential Elections are getting into high gear. It is normal in our Nation that every four years one side tells us how well we are doing and the other side tells us how poorly we are doing. That has become the American way. Regardless of which side is in Office at a given time, the other always says the opposite. Our job, as voters, is to figure out which side is closer to the truth?..If that is possible. News coverage now is so swift and rapid, and you can bet there is always a small army of news analysts and experts ready to dissect whatever just came out of any candidate?s mouth within three seconds of the words being spoken. It is just the world that we live in today, I suppose. Mitt at present is taking it on the chin because of remarks captured on a hidden camera?.And Barack is under fire because our U.S. Ambassador and aides in Libya were killed and we didn?t know in advance that it was going to happen.

To complicate the matter further, demonstrations and threatening attacks have been suddenly made in multiple countries in the Mideast, mostly aimed at our Embassies. Of course, I do believe these ?events? have been orchestrated to some degree by our old friends in Al Qaeda. What outwardly appears to us as ?spontaneous? flare-ups, were probably having plans laid a year before for the actions to occur when opportunity presented itself. And now, with the release of some fourth rate movie made in our country, unknown to nearly anyone, we find ourselves suddenly staring that ?opportunity? in the face?.. embroiled in an extension of the multi-Nation politics of the Arab World. Foreign Embassies are an extension of the country they represent and are viewed in that manner by all foreign countries under International Law. Through the years our nation has pumped millions of dollars into these countries through our Embassies, but in truth, the monies that we contributed were probably siphoned off before much of it got into the hands of those we had hoped to help, but went instead into building up local palaces and playgrounds for those in power?..or directly into Swiss bank accounts under the ownership of some nation?s ?leader?. After a half century of sending money, I believe we did it wrong?..We should have been sending foodstuffs, schoolbooks and means for them to eke out and improve their living scale and situation in life. Probably, we just sent money because it was easier to transfer?.That is the sad aspect of the whole deal. Most of those folks that we were trying to help didn?t need money??Their most basic need was something to EAT! I think we have forgotten and overlooked that one, simple aspect. There is one common denominator for relief of hunger and that is namely FOOD. As I recall, fifty years or more ago, I believe we did start off sending food, shovels, hoes and seeds through the CARE program, but somehow the radish seed, wheat and goose-necked hoes turned into money just sent direct.

Butler VFD and Oakwood VFD to fire in field and trees, FCR-301. Wortham VFD to S. 1st, husband fell, needs assistance getting up. Dep. Harrison deals with mysterious event on FCR-1171?..a hand just came through the window screen and stole one cell phone and a pack of cigarettes. Man calls from Mockingbird, wife and dog went out for a walk?.both now missing. Dep. Jones and Game Warden Hernandez to FCR-1040 on report caller?s brother just drove by and fired a gun.

Dep. Jones to FCR-240, 17 year old from Arlington just abandoned there afoot, scared to death, about dark, scared to death, carried to Sheriff?s Office then Bus station. THDEMS to FCR-867, seizure problems. Customer causing problems at Texas Burger, FPD advised. WPD Crowley working on recovery of a stolen saddle. Fairfield VFD and Deputy to fire problem on FM-488, one to put it out, the other to explain the dangers of setting. Deputy Howerton to report of missing cows, FCR-200, later found.

Tragedy for family on FCR-1267, small baby died in sleep, possibly SIDS, autopsy ordered by JP. TPD Noll to N. 9th, woman locked man out of house. Deputy Shaw to snake problems on FCR-1091, but neighbor took care of first. TPWD Mark Kleinert jails driver, DL Suspended, FM-2570. DPS Purnell, FEMS and Dew VFD to accident, Mile 185. TPD Mike Noll to theft of copper wire, Hwy-179. DPS Purnell jails man, US-84, Controlled Substance, DL invalid.

Deputy Robert Elom to FCR-1151, cow out, put up. FEMS to Hall Street, Lady fell, injured. Two exes having troubles on 5th in Wortham, WPD Crowley to same. Donie VFD to fire, Hwy-164. Lady turns self in at Jail for Court Ordered Time to be served, then finds also has two Navarro County Warrants, so her stay will be divided, some here, some to the north, vacation time extended unexpectedly. Fire alarm going off at residence near Dew?..Nope, no fire, just fumigating.

Come on Rain?..Head our way! Pay us a visit. Please.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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