Derrick LIghts Oil & Gas Report

Drilling Permits

Freestone County

8.6 miles NW. of Fairfield, Texas

Stewards Mill (CV Consolidated) Field

Patara Andover I LLC has a recompletion permit for its Pyramid Land Lease, Well No. 1 (API No. 42-161-32051), a vertical well --- 2,846? FEL & 3,233? FNL of the H. Awalt Survey, Abstract 4, 12,000? total depth, 690.71 acre lease

Freestone County

2 miles SW. of Donie, Texas

Farrar, SE (Pettit) Field

XTO Energy Inc. has a recompletion permit for its Vestal Gas Unit No. 1 Lease, Well No. 2 (API No. 42-161-31303), a vertical well --- 361? FNWL & 1,200? FNEL of the W.F. Ritchie Survey, Abstract 756, 9,616? total depth, 700.16 acre lease

Freestone County

9 miles SW. of Fairfield, Texas

Teague (Travis Peak) Field

XTO Energy Inc. has a recompletion permit for its Irvin Gas Unit Lease, Well No. 6 (API No. 42-161-32707), a vertical well --- 115? FNEL & 3,250? FSEL of the F. O?Neal Survey, Abstract 728, 12,656? total depth, 626.92 acre lease

Leon County

4.7 miles SE. of Centerville, Texas

Halliday (Woodbine) Field

Halcon Operating Co. Inc. has a new drill permit for its Mamie Wakefield Lease, Well No. 1H (API No. 42-289-32020), a horizontal well --- 237? FSL & 663? FWL of the J. Onery Survey, Abstract 656, 9,000? total depth, 160 acre lease

Oil Well Completions:

None for this Week

Gas Well Completions

Leon County

4.1 miles NW. of Jewett, Texas

Bear Grass (Cotton Valley Cons.) Field

XTO Energy Inc. has completed its Fullen Gas Unit Lease, Well No. 6H (API No. 42-289-31937), a new horizontal well completed 6-27-2012 --- 2,015? FNEL & 5,641? FNWL of the W.F. Gray Survey, Abstract 296, 19,213? total depth, 18,060?-19,063? producing interval, 704 acre lease

***** 24 HR. POTENTIAL TEST *****

DATE OF TEST 7-8-2012

5,477,000 cubic feet of gas per day, no condensate, 15 barrels of water per day, 7/64? choke, 5,500 psia flowing pressure, 8,600 psia shut-in wellhead pressure, 0.584 gravity gas, fracture stimulated with 356,240 pounds of sand

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