Sheriff's Report September 20

Sheriff?s Report Number 611- Deputies Shaw and Jones to dispute over who gets the kids in Westwood. Limestone Co. S.O. advised of loose goats, US-84. Dep. House deals with green snake in residence on FCR-360. TPD Noll takes report on break-in at Concession Stand at City Park. FEMS to Jail, Inmate with seizure. TPD Noll to US-84 residence, man just stole jewelry from woman.

Complaint on pickup in left lane on Big Road, won?t pull over and let others pass. FEMS to Moody Street, hip pain severe. FEMS to Burger King, man involved in accident earlier now starting to hurt. Multiple calls of two vehicles on IH-45 racing, one a gray Mercedes?.Bet he?s not the only one! DPS and Streetman VFD to one vehicle flipped, Mile 210.

Gate lock cut at business yard in south part of County, nothing missing, Dep. Diana Willis to same. Teague VFD to N. 4th, back porch on fire. Deputies arrest man at City Park in Teague, he evaded, tossed his dope out, now in Jailhouse, Possession of Controlled Substance, Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance, Evading Arrest and Tampering With Evidence. Man at ER, just bitten by his pet Prairie Dog, FPD to same.

FEMS to FM-2570, Lady with heavy back pains. TPD Cordova to Loud Music, Freestone Trailer Park. DPS Sullivan to tragic accident, Mile 206 with FEMS, Fairfield and Streetman VFD?s, one fatality. Dep. Aultman to US-79, squeeze chute missing. TPD Martin to S. 7th on criminal mischief report. THDEMS to N. 8th, pinched nerve problem. Temperatures easing off that hundred mark to everyone?s relief and pleasure.

Today is the anniversary of the day that our ?world? shattered. September 11th. A date that will be remembered by nearly all in our country for years to come. We shed our innocence on that day in 2001. We suddenly realized that our country too was vulnerable to terrorist attacks. That one day changed so many things in our country, from the way we travel, to the way we guard ourselves. We no longer take for granted our safety, here or abroad. Oh, we knew it could be a problem traveling overseas for us?.But none ever dreamed that an attack of such magnitude could possibly occur on American soil. After all, this was America, the home of the free and the brave. Our last brush with foreign attackers had been in 1941 at Pearl Harbor, and prior to that in 1812?..But, we suddenly found out that we were not a land of the invulnerable nor the untouchable?.We, too, were very vulnerable, and, most unfortunately, very touchable. They got us?.They nailed us good on September 11th. But, the one thing about our Nation that we often overlook?..We are very resilient. Just like a rubber ball?..We bounce back. And that we have. We are more aware now than ever before of things and those around us. We?re more on our guard, ready to respond should need arise. Hopefully the need won?t again arise, but I am confident that should that need arise and we all pray that it won?t, we?ll be far better prepared to respond.

TPD Noll to East Main on a ?we both want the kid? deal between two parents. Poor little fellers?.Always caught in the middle. THDEMS to breathing problems on Oak Street. Deputy Wade Harrison arrests two in minivan, 75 at 84, drugs and paraphernalia. DPS Conner, FEMS and Dew VFD to accident, Mile 184. Mexia Ems to S. 1st in Wortham, mobility problem. FPD gives driver of disabled vehicle lift to Love?s. Teague VFD and TxDOT to oil spilled on pavement, FM-553.

Limestone Co. S.O. advised of threats received by Lady, Kosse area. Call comes from Teague, man missed his dialysis treatment yesterday, passed out today, THDEMS to same. Roll of Stainless Steel tubing missing from well site, FCR-700, Dep. Howerton to same. Loose horse, FM-80. Dep. Shaw to Lubbock in Streetman, Loud Music. Loose cattle, FM-489 North. TPD Reed blocking traffic while OnCor works on downed power line.

Rain in County on Thursday, plenty of thunder rumbling around, too. TxDOT to flooded Underpass, US-84. Butler VFD to FM-489, older Lady has slipped, needs assistance off floor. DPS Conner to car spun out, Mile 184. Teague VFD to Tyler and MLK, tree smoking. THDEMS to FCFR-867, man having seizures. FEMS to Dairy Queen, Lady not responsive.

TPD Travis Martin to complaint of loud party on Cedar, and upon arrival, rounding the corner of the house in order to make contact, observed a table with a pile of Marijuana in the middle of it and several men gathered around it?.When asked who was the owner, one volunteered and said it was his?.And he came to Jail?..Party over! Loose cattle, FCR-790. Trash can burning at Dap?s, put out. Loose cattle, FM-80, Kirvin, owner called.

FEMS to North Fairway, man very weak. TPD Foree and Reed arrest driver on Mulberry, ran off road, into a wet ditch, very inebriated, to Jail. Found to have intentionally gave a wrong name and date of birth, so picked up an additional charge. Man turns self in at Jail to sit out three days Jail time. Leon Co. S.O. advised of truck on fire, IH-45. Crossing arms hung in down position, FM-27, Wortham, UP Rail yard advised.

FEMS to Mount Street, Lady non-responsive. TPD Foree to Heights, Lady receiving annoying phone calls, all hours of day or night. Anderson County S.O. advised of accident, 79 at 294 cutoff. Large tree limb down, blocking road, FCR-161, Comm. Gregory contacted. Southern Oaks VFD across into Navarro County, possible broken hip.

Man arrested on N. 1st, Warrant for Burglary, by TPD Foree. Dog Troubles on Driftwood. Black bull loose, FM-1124. Man choking at Country Club, THDEMS enroute?..Never mind, he?s okay now.

Some folks in west part of County got one inch of rain?.others less. More in forecast. We need pretty bad. Gary Helmcamp entertaining large group in local area restaurant on Friday?..And I mean entertaining, too. Lots of Laughter, and that is always good for all present! Stan Waldrip said he was batching that day as his Missus and daughter were trying to connect at DFW from a plane trip from Texas Tech. That Stan is one hard-nosed Postmaster for Donie?.Says with summer heat he realized that the small air conditioner they have at the Post Office was totally inadequate to cool the folks in the lobby area when they come in to check their mail and visit a bit?..So he bought two fans for the lobby?.Out of his own pocket! So, all you Donie-ites, next time you go in the Post Office, tell Old Stan a heartfelt ?Thank You!? Not many would have dug into their own pocket like that for other folk?s comfort. And I think you need to recognize him for his concern and generosity. Like I said, he is one tough, hard-nosed individual?..And I say that tongue in cheek?.And, if he keeps on, next summer he may be handing out free Homemade Lemonade and Chocolate Brownies?..And if he does that, let me know?.I may come down and rent me a Post Office Box there, too!

That?ll wrap it up for this week. Our rain chances dwindle after today until later in the week, so keep your fingers crossed.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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