Sheriff's Report September 13

Sheriff?s Report Number 610- THDEMS to Poplar, lady having pains in lower back, plus shivering. With the heat we?ve had the last few days, hard to imagine anyone being cold enough to shiver. Dep. Elom to loose cows, FM-27. DPS Jones and Sullivan checking on man in khaki shorts laying on side of IH-45. Dew VFD and THDEMS to FCR-681, foot turning black after a fall. Lady motorist on IH-45 refusing to stop for DPS, red lights and sirens ignored, tires spiked across the County Line in Navarro County at Mile 221. Butler VFD and FEMS to FM-489, person throwing up several days.

FPD advised of broken car window on Moody. TPD Martin to stolen dog report on Spruce, later located, returned. THDEMS to Mimosa, Lady passing out. FPD to Love?s, dog in car, windows up, motor off. TPD Martin has loose horses picked up on 9th. THDEMS, Doctor Chopper and Donie VFD to FCR-751 to FCR-751, man cut arm on broken glass, much blood lost, passed out. Dep. Jones assists to get wrecker for Lady with elderly passengers and no spare tire. Also to cows out, south 75. Deputies to Hwy. 179, Lady fears someone on her roof. Also to prowler report, Donie. More of same on Sandy Avenue, Dep. House to same.

Woman reported being beaten by man in front of Dew School, Dep. Elom arrives to find she is not cooperative, beating or no beating. FPD advised of vehicle spun out on IH-45, Mile 197. DPS Sullivan to vehicle through fence, Hwy. 164. Mexia EMS and Wortham VFD to 34 year old dizzy, East San Saba. Deputy House to Civil Standby, East 84. TPD Howard to Oak Street, rocks thrown through window. WPD Doty arrests driver driving with no headlights, DWI and Mary Jane, plus drunk passengers.

DPS Seelinger arrests DWI Lady, US-84. DPS Purnell to accident on West 84, other driver left scene, later arrested DWI, Fail To Stop and Render Aid. Lady calls from Ellis County, son is on the Interstate afoot in our County, talking of suicide, Deputy Aultman searches diligently all the way to Buffalo, never located. Dispatchers serenaded 19 different times by incoming calls, all from same phone?..a youngster at Band Practice?.Phone in pocket?..kept dialing dispatch?..19 times?.Couldn?t hear our Dispatcher?.Music too loud for such?..Made contact after practice session ended?..?oh my gosh, it was in my pocket. 19 times? I had no idea?..Sorry!?

Dep. House to rural residence, husband and wife splitting up. 4-Wheelers still a problem, FM-416. TPD Cox to Monroe, child?s father trying to carry 6 month old to Arlington, Mother much opposed to the idea. FPD advised of parent/daughter troubles on Live Oak, officer needed. Loose horse due to open gate, owner contacted, FM-1451. Local Grandmother receives a call that her grandson and a buddy were in trouble in Mexico, $2,000.00 needed muy pronto?..A quick check reveals other party NOT in Mexico?.Just a quick scam to gouge a little money out of Grandma.

Wild night in Teague on Maple at one residence?..Man and woman split, she and cousin go by residence to get her stuff, he wouldn?t let her in?.She next tears an air conditioner out of a window from outside, comes through the window kicking, punching and scratching her Ex. Other members got involved, she left the scene and was later located at CEFCO?.Two arrested, to Jail. TPD Cordova and Reed and Deputy Harrison all involved with this one.

Call comes in from across the river, man?s wife very dizzy, connected to Anderson County S.O. Dep. Harrison to loose cow, FM-2570. Deputy Scott Shaw to more loose cows, FM-2570. DPS Shields, Teague VFD and THDEMS to roll-over reported on FM-1365, but no rolled vehicle ever spotted. THDEMS to breathing troubles on Busby Avenue. Limestone Co. S.O. advised of loose cattle across the line, FM-1365. Navarro Co. S.O. advised of call from residence, Hwy. 14, female there ?going crazy.? Dep. Wade Harrison arrests motorist on S. 3rd in Teague, one baggie Mary Jane, one pill, one Warrant, one trip to Jail.

WPD Doty to Family Problems on San Saba, 16 year old picked up a knife, threatened his Mother. Mister Elom to loose cattle, FM-2570, back in, fence propped back up. THDEMS to FCR-681, 24 year old Lady passing out, breathing slows, then wakes back up. Deputies Robert Willis and Richard McGowan stop vehicle on Hwy. 179, to Jail, heroin found in underclothes of female driver by Dep. Diana Willis, to Jail.

FEMS, Southern Oaks VFD and Doctor Chopper to Big Lake at dam, man fell, head injury, next stop Baylor Hospital, Dallas. Deputies to FCR-404, door kicked in, small safe missing. FEMS to Back Problems, Williford Street. TPD Martin stops vehicle reported driving bad on Hwy. 179, female driver intoxicated, when she got to Jail a little marijuana found on her person?.Well, it?s just about as easy to book ?em in on two charges as one?And that is exactly what was done!

Local man in Dew area discovers what appeared to be a grave on his property along the Service Road?.Rocks piled up just so, was not there last time he was there. So, several of us head down to investigate?..This was on Thursday evening, the high that day was 104 degrees?..And of course this was in the woods, not a breath of air moving, had to walk in, road blocked by downed trees. Lots of effort had been made by parties unknown in mounding up the grave with large iron ore rocks in a depression. And you just don?t dig with backhoes or even shovels?..Everything has to be closely examined?..One spoonful at a time. And, it took on the aspects of an archaeological project over in Egypt or Israel?.The sweat dripping?..And our fears were well-founded?..It was a grave! The grave contained one body!! And around the neck??One Dog Collar!!!..... And were we glad to find that! We had dug up the last remains of someone?s much lamented Family Dog??And, he still rests there right where they planted him?..The area a little disturbed, but none the worse for wear and tear. Just thankful that it wasn?t human remains that we disturbed.

TPD Noll to disturbance on China Street, fighting in middle of street, two arrested, one on Warrants, the other for Assault Family Violence. THDEMS to chest pains, FCR-751. More troubles in Teague, on Cypress, one drunk, arrested before he got into more mischief, the other, a son, arrested due to Teague Traffic Warrant on file.

Dep. Jones to FM-1451 on report two cars racing. THDEMS to Freestone Apts., two year old having seizure. Teague lady receives call on phone, person on other end wanting banking info, wisely did not give. DPS Sullivan to another accident with injuries and one death, FCR-971. FEMS to Chest pains on Carroll Drive.

Lady calls from Teague, thinks dog swallowed chain, in distress, TPD Noll to same, advises later dog is on a chain, but certainly didn?t swallow it, seems to be in no distress, just barking. Water leak on MLK in Wortham. 4-5 men reported fighting on 75, FPD and Deputies to same, party already adjourned when they arrived apparently. FPD Kindon arrests two in vehicle on Commerce, one with Invalid DL, other on Parole Warrant and Controlled Substance. Deputy Harrison on Mental Transport to Austin.

Deputy McGowan arrests man on Limestone County Warrant. Deputies Shipley, McGowan, Diana Willis and Buffalo Chief Lance Pavelka clear a Burglary with the arrest of man at business in Buffalo on possession of two stolen firearms. Dew, Teague and Kirvin VFD?s to house afire on Cherry Street.

Old cars and Old tractors on the Courthouse Square on Saturday, plus lots of folks?.The Annual Car Show and Yard Sale Event?.And the weather was perfect. Very pleasant.

Until Next Week?..RALPH BILLINGS

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