Busby family loses everything in fire

FIREFIGHTERS FROM KIRVIN, Fairfield and Dew came to help the Teague Volunteer Fire Department as they fought hard to extinguish the very hot blaze that burned the home of Bernadine Busby to the ground. Firefighters are pictured struggling to put out “hot spots” in the still burning structure. Donations are being accepted at Teague High School for the Busby family as they lost everything in the fire.

A fire at the home of Ms. Bernadine Busby, 127 Cherry Street, left the home burnt to the ground. ?We were already under a disadvantage when we arrived,? said Teague Fire Chief Jody Bodine. ?The front of the house was fully engulfed and it was a total loss.?

The call came in at 12:44 p.m. on Friday, September 7, 2012, of the fire at the Busby home. The firefighters jumped into action and were there as quickly as possible. Even with firefighters valiant effort the family lost everything in the fire and are in desperate need.

Ms. Busby is an employee of the Teague Independent School District and the Teague High School student council and NHS are asking that donations be brought to the office or to Mrs. Waldrip or Mrs. Ashley.

If you would like to donate much needed money, gift cards, clothes, household items, all would be greatly appreciated. Clothes sizes for the family are: 1. Bernadine ? size 18, shirt XL, and shoes size 8; 2. Kenya ? 8/9 pants, shirt M, and size 8 shoe; 3. Myron ? 34 pants, M or L shirt and size 10 shoe; 4. Byron ? 34 pants; M or L shirt, size 11 shoe; 5. Tevin ? 40 pants, XL shirt, size 10 ? shirt. Donations will also be accepted at Friday's football game against Marlin, September 14th, at the gate.

The cause of the fire is undetermined however no one was injured. Please help this life-long Teague family to recover from their loss.

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