Mighty Lion Band packs powerful half-time show

2012 Edition of the Teague Lion Marching Band

The mighty Teague Lion Band kicked off their marching season with the Mart game exhibiting the product of their summer practices. The students and band staff have been working hard both in doors and out since the first of August.

There is a lot of time and sweat that goes into producing a half time show. The bands marching theme this year is ?Caribbean Dreams?, a soothing yet explosive show which was commissioned by Barry Hurt, a well-known composer in the band world. This show was written exclusively for the Teague Band, meaning that no other band will have this music. The show has four different songs that emphasize Caribbean music titled ?Caribbean Conga? a musical rush of excitement; ?Crystal Waves? a soft and soothing sound like the gentle waves on a beach; ?Jamaican Drums?, where the percussion takes center field to explode with their rhythmic drum sounds and concluding the supersonic journey with ?Volcanic Fire? all the action and drama of a volcano explosion.

The flags and twirlers are dressed in blues and greens that are found in the color of the oceans in that area. High School band half time shows are turning into quite a production. Many bands use themes to keep UIL Marching more competitive. Cari Martin, the head band director states ?In order to stay competitive with other bands in the state of Texas we have to add new ideas to take the band to the next level. Later in the season you will see backdrop panels that our Band Booster program is purchasing for us. These panels are all a part of ?stepping up? our show. State band competitions are becoming quite detailed with their theme. It is all a part of giving our band every chance of being competitive with these bands.? Mrs. Martin continued by saying ?I am very proud of our band. All the students have been very willing to attend practice and this all helps in making our band be the best it can be. I appreciate the good attitude these students have and the desire they show to be respected by other bands in our area and at the UIL competitions.? If you drive by the High School on almost every night of the week you will see or hear the band practicing. Teague band is proud to support the Lions on the field and entertain the community in the stands.

The Teague Marching Invitational will take place on the evening of October 6th. Many bands from the surrounding area come to Teague to participate and be judged by judges from all over the state of Texas in order to prepare their bands for the UIL Marching competitions later that month. The band has received multiple Sweepstakes over the years. The past two years they have made constitutive sweepstakes, back to back. The THS band hopes to win another sweepstakes this year. Winning sweepstakes means they must score a ONE at their UIL marching contest and a ONE at their Concert & Sight Reading UIL contest.

The Teague band hopes you enjoy their show on the field and music in the stands. These students are working very hard to make Teague High School and the community proud of them. They thank you for your continued support.

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