Freestone Fitness and Boxing Club offers outlet to kids

Owned by Big Moe Buchanan

MOE BUCHANAN, OWNER OF Freestone Fitness and Boxing Club, works out on the heavy bag in between training sessions. Along with boxing, Moe trains body building, Mixed Martial Arts, self defense, conditioning and strength. Freestone Fitness and Boxing Club is located on Highway 84 at the Teague City Limit sign. Call for an appointment at 254-739-2660 or 248-729-3775.

Martin Buchanan was born and grew up in Detroit, Michigan and wanted to box.

At the age of 21 Big Moe Buchanan, as he is known here, moved to Dallas, Texas, worked in construction and trained young people who wanted to be boxers as well as his own training. Moe holds five Golden Glove titles and competed in over 70 fights, winning many of them.

He has been a resident of Freestone County, because his wife has family here, since 1990. It was customary at that time to see Moe and his four-year-old son Max jogging around town. ?With his mom working, I wasn?t going to leave him home alone,? said Moe. ?We looked at it back then as our get out and play for an hour a day time.?

As Moe?s family grew so did the line of kids jogging behind him.

In Detroit Moe had trained with great fighters like Tommy Hearns. He didn?t want to give up being a trainer.

In 1992 Moe started Freestone Fitness & Boxing Club. ?I had asthma as a child. It was through that I learned the importance of our health,? said Moe. ?I would encourage parents to let their kids workout with them. When I was growing up, most of the gyms, for liability purposes, would say ?No Kids Allowed.? It was at that point I made up my mind that I wanted to own my own gym to give everyone an outlet not just the adults,? stated Moe.

At Freestone Fitness & Boxing Club Moe trains boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Self Defense, Body Building, helps people lose weight and those who want to gain weight as well as conditioning.

Moe has trained many boxers and has had ten or eleven go on to boxing careers. When he is training a boxer he sets up tournaments for them. They travel to Louisiana, Oklahoma, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Utah, and California.

It may not sound like it but Moe is against violence. He is a true pugilist and trains within the art of boxing. ?You don?t box because you are mad at the person,? said Moe. ?It is the science of boxing itself that I teach.? Through his experience in Freestone County he has had the opportunity to help many people in the area. ?Some were getting ready for college, military, junior high and high school sports. Some kids were even getting bullied at school,? said Moe. He has shared in schools locally and through the country the importance of not picking on someone because he or she is different, be it shorter, fatter, skinner, or even the hue of ones skin color. He says, ?It just feels good to me to build people?s self esteem. No matter what our situation, in time it will get better with faith and right choices.?

The enterprising Buchanan also has tanning, $30 for one month unlimited and $60 for three months unlimited.

They also do auto detailing starting at $30 to $75 depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

Moe Buchanan and Lia share four beautiful children. The oldest, Max, is 25 years old and holds eight Golden Glove Championships in Dallas and Fort Worth. Max graduated from Teague High School in 2004. Daughter Olivia is 20 years old and holds four Golden Glove Championships and daughter Lexus, 19 years old, also has four Golden Glove Championships. The girls are attending Ella Pop Rock School in Gotland, Sweden, majoring in Music. Christian, the youngest son at 14 years old, holds two Golden Gloves Championships and is the only one with titles in two states, Texas and Louisiana. Last year Christian was awarded the Stansbury Award, the highest honor awarded at Teague Junior High School.

If you are interested in the Freestone Fitness & Boxing Club just call and set an appointment with Moe Buchanan. He will sit down with you and go over your personal goals. He must be good if Arnold Schwarzenegger trusts him. For quite a few years Moe has been hired to appear in Columbus, Ohio at Arnold?s Fitness Expo to do ?Feats of Strength.?

Call Moe at 254-739-2660 or 248-729-3775 to set up an appointment.

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