Before I get started, I must print a retraction. I have committed a major flaw, not a sin, mind you, but a major error in my spelling that must be corrected. Last week I related a joke that was told over national television by Brother John Haggee, a man I greatly admire, but I misspelled a word that was the punch-line to...

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Making the Right Decision

I don’t know how it is in your household on Sunday mornings, but around here, one of the things we do is to watch one or two of the morning worship services that are offered, as a way of preparing our hearts for our own church worship service. Among the programs we watch are Dr. David Jeremiah’s program, “Turning...

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An Opened Door

I remember when I was a young teenager living in Austin, Texas, we lived down the street from a shopping center called, “Capital Plaza”. This was one of Austin’s premier outdoor shopping malls that featured such stores as Montgomery Wards, Bealls, Sears, and several specialty stores mostly for women, since...

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A Heavy Heart

OK, folks, I’m at the point where I can’t stand it any more. The two decisions handed down by the Supreme Court has openly, politically, and spiritually pushed U.S. into moral and financial decay and has moved us even more critically towards the judgment of God! There is a passage in Isaiah 60:12 that says, “For the nation...

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