With A Good Book In Hand

This morning, before it got too hot, I took care of something I’ve been needing to do for some time now, mowed the yard and trimmed the sidewalk. Well, mowing is something I try to do at least every week if not every other week, so that was no big deal. But my sidewalk leading from the front porch to the street was needing a trimming in...

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Hide Away Sins?

I have this antique roll-top desk that came my way via my wife’s father. He made great use out of it while he was still living. I’ve always wanted one of these because I think they’re neat. One of the great things about it is all the little “cubby holes” and drawers that it has to put your important papers and letters in, kind of like a file cabinet made out of wood...

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Are We On The Lord's Side?

This Friday is July the 4th, the day we in America remember and celebrate our Nation’s Independence from a tyrannical ruler by the name of King George III, who ruled a nation that’s now our ally, England. It was on July 4, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that our forefathers penned and adopted the Declaration of Independence...

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The Real Thing

Well, my grandson is here to stay a few weeks with us again, you know, the one I made the “Secret Box” for last summer. I think he still uses it to put his secret things in. Now it’s summer time again and he’s here to spend part of his summer break with us. It’s always good to see the grand kids, you know. They keep us young, or at least remind...

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