A Trip Down Memory Lane

How many of you can remember driving into a “service station”, that’s a gas station or gas stop to my younger readers, and the moment you stopped your car by a gasoline pump, anywhere from three to five service station attendants (what are these, right?) came running out in full dress uniforms of that particular gas service company...

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The Need For National Revival

In last week’s devotion I shared with you the heaviness of my heart and my complete bewilderment over why in the world the Supreme Court, the highest court we have in the land, would have the gall and the lack of anything good and moral, as to pass the, quote and unquote, affordable care act and the signing into law...

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A Heavy Heart

OK, folks, I’m at the point where I can’t stand it any more. The two decisions handed down by the Supreme Court has openly, politically, and spiritually pushed U.S. into moral and financial decay and has moved us even more critically towards the judgment of God! There is a passage in Isaiah 60:12 that says, “For the nation...

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