The Patience of Our Lord, Is Salvation

   This past Sunday, our Sunday School lesson was on the judgment of God, especially as the time for this old earth draws near. For many people the subject of “the end of time” is hard to understand, much less to hear. But such a day will come. Jesus, Himself, spoke on it many times in the Gospel letters. Peter and Paul also wrote about such a day to come. Even on the day of Christ’s ascension into heaven, his disciples asked him, “Lord, will you now restore the...

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Tis The Season To Be Thankful

This is the season of Thanksgiving. It is the time when we turn our thoughts to the pilgrims who came from across the ocean to settle in a new land. We think of the men who wore tall black hats with buckles on them. We see them with white button down shirts with vests or coats, and black pants, called knickers, with long white socks and black shoes, also dawning buckles. And we think of women in white bonnets, long gray dresses with white aprons, and...

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Let The Peace Of God Reign

  Folks, we have a new President, one Donald J. Trump by name. He is not a politician, even though he ran on the Republican ticket. Many say he is a «populist», which, to me, means he ran as one who’s concern was the people and not the special interests groups. If you will recall, he said this many times in so many words. His concerns, as he said, were for the American people and not for special interests groups or for politicians. Heck, people in his own party were...

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Tie A Knot And Hang On!

For the past two weeks I have been involved in moving my mom from one apartment to another, and I am somewhat pooped! She moved from a two bedroom, two closet, two bath, two living area, a kitchen with a pantry closet and a washer-dryer area with limited shelves, to a one bedroom, one closet, one bath, one living area, and a kitchen with only a laundry room like her other apartment. Talk about down sizing! I came home with at least fifteen boxes and a toy...

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