The Word of God

Some years ago a preacher sent a present to a bricklayer who was an honest and hardworking mason. Besides a few little presents to his wife and daughter, he sent the bricklayer a special trowel, one for his own personal use. It had a mahogany handle and the finest steel that could be forged. In his mind, the preacher could...

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Prayer and Fruit

Folks, if there was ever a passage of Scripture that speaks to the signs of the times, and the Bible has thousands of them, the passage that we studied in Sunday School this past Sunday is it! I encourage you to read the full passage, Matthew 7:13-27, because it all applies, but in verses fifteen, sixteen, and twenty, the Scripture is right ...

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Come Home

Jesus tells the story of a father who had two sons, one younger than the other. The father was a wealthy man. He had lots of cattle and plenty of hired help to take care of his ranch. But one day the younger son decided he wanted to see the world. He was tired of living on his father’s ranch and taking care of the herd. He wanted...

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Wow! Talk about answered prayer!

This Sunday our preacher started preaching a series on the subject of prayer, something you and I need to do and to do it more often. I’m not just talking about prayer at the meal table, but prayer that gets hold of the throne of God! There’s not many of us who can call ourselves “a prayer warrior,” but we could learn to be one...

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