The Game Of Life

How many of you watched The Master’s Golf Tournament held at Augusta, Georgia this past Sunday? How many of you even know what that tournament is? Well, I’ll tell you. It is “The most important game ever”, played in the world of professional golf. In fact, it is the Super Bowl of Golf. And if you don’t think many people watched it, I’ll bet you...

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Is There Not A Prophet In Israel?

There is a story in 1 Kings 22 about two kings and the war they fought against Syria. One was King Ahab, who was king of the northern kingdom of Israel, and the other was King Jehoshaphat, who was king of the southern kingdom of Judah. The difference between the two kings is that one did evil in the sight of the Lord, more sins than can be mentioned...

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Angels Watching Over Us

Most of you have probably seen this picture. The first time I saw it was at my paternal grandmother’s home in Elgin, Texas. It hung in her living room, the same room that housed a rather large table at which the entire family of relatives would gather for special occasions. The picture is that of two young children, oh, I’d say between the ages of six and...

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Facing Your Giants

What makes you afraid? Thunder and lightening? I drove home one night from a church in which I was serving as the interim pastor, and it was during a terrific thunder storm. Sure as I’m sitting here, the lightening couldn’t have been more than one hundred feet away at any time. I think I confessed all my sins before I ever got home! How about...

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Keep Your Cookie Jar Full

Last Thursday evening we went to Rockwall to visit my mom for a few days. The next day mom gave us her Cosco’s card so we could check out the great deals that they have. That night she had gotten all three of us some tickets to a Christian concert at The Church On The Rock that the Senior Adult group had scheduled. The place of the concert ...

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