Coincidence? Really?

“Now all this took place to fulfill what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet.” (Matthew 1:22) Most everyone loves little children. When they are born and are so cute, we “ooh and ahh” over them and say such wonderful things to their parents. After all, children are precious, not only in the eyes of their parents and grandparents...

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The Meaning of Christmas is God Is With Us

The Christmas season is upon us and soon everywhere we go and everywhere we look, Christmas lights will be seen hanging downtown and from the rooftops of houses, and Christmas trees and decorations of all kinds will be seen bringing bright lights and Christmas beauty in the yards and ...

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Tis’ The Season For Thanksgiving

Did you hear the story of the man who wanted to sell his home, so he went to a friend who was in the real estate business and asked him to write an advertisement that would magnify the assets of his home that would make it marketable? His real estate friend asked the man to describe his house so he could get an idea as to what...

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Prayer For America

Well, the elections are finally over, that is, except for Louisiana, and the Republicans have gained control of both the House and the Senate. I know that ideally, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, as well as Independents, are all supposed to work together for the good of the country, but there hasn’t been much evidence...

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