The Substitutionary Death

The “substitutionary death of Jesus Christ”, is a term that is thrown about within Christian circles, but even many Christians don’t understand what it means. Without heading straight for the New Testament, let’s go to the Old Testament where, perhaps, we find the greatest illustration for what this term means. But before we go...

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Use Things, Not People

This afternoon I watched one of the series of “The Waltons” in which John Boy had borrowed a rather old typewriter from those two sweet old ladies, the Baldwin sisters. The typewriter was a special heirloom in that it was used by their father to write a letter to Theodore Roosevelt, so letting it go to someone else’s hands was...

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Now That The New Year Has Started

Well, here we are again, folks, at the beginning of a new year. Just today, Sunday, I finally put away the outside lights, never to be seen again until the end of the year, and then, it all comes out again. Sheesh! Maybe I should have just left everything up. No, then I wouldn’t have the “joy” of putting it back up again in December! But...

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Worry Not About Tomorrow

I heard a song Sunday morning which was entitled, “You Don’t Have To Worry About Tomorrow, God Is Already There”. Make’s sense, doesn’t it? Worrying is probably one of the sneakiest and yet perhaps the very worst of sins that plaque our lives. There is an old saying that my mother told me one time, perhaps you have heard it...

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