What Is Your Message?

When John the Baptist was born, a special event took place on the eighth day of his existence. It was the day of his circumcision, a physical and hygienic ritual that marked Jewish males, from the time of Abraham, as belonging to the tribe of Israel in general, and more specific, as a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham. We practice...

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In support of the Men and Women in Blue

This past week the city of Dallas was rocked by a tragedy that took place to its police force. As you probably know, a group of friendly protestors were marching in a sort of prayer vigil as they protested the deaths of two black men by white police officers in Minnesota and in Louisiana. The deaths of these two men were indeed tragic...

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What This Country Needs

On July 4,1776, the Second Continental Congress, with representatives of the thirteen British colonies in America, got together after two years of debating and drafting, to adopt the Declaration of Independence in which we declared our right to be free and independent States, free from the rule of England and King George III...

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A Simple Invitation

The Book of Daniel is a book about the will of God being done “on earth as it is in heaven.” It is a book of prophecy, and I believe, prophecy about things that have happened and prophecy about things that are yet to be. In the first six chapters we read about men and events that have already taken place in time, but in chapters...

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