Prayer For America

Well, the elections are finally over, that is, except for Louisiana, and the Republicans have gained control of both the House and the Senate. I know that ideally, both parties, Republicans and Democrats, as well as Independents, are all supposed to work together for the good of the country, but there hasn’t been much evidence...

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As Good As Your Word

How many of you remember a time when all a man needed to seal a deal was his word and a firm handshake? Maybe two came together upon a tract of land, and once the terms were laid out, and both agreed to those terms, then all that was needed to close the deal was a good handshake. Today, such agreements are...

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In The Name of Jesus

Last week we looked at getting hooked up to the power source as we saw a young church begin to speak about the wonderful things God had done through His Son, Jesus. We focused upon the second chapter of the Book of Acts. This week I want to tell you about a miracle that happened to a man who had been born lame...

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Hooked Up To The Power Source

I call your attention to the book of Acts in the New Testament, and specifically to the second chapter. This is the chapter that tells us about the birth of the early church. We read that there was a group of believers in Jesus Christ, about one hundred and twenty in all, who were meeting together in a large room. They were meeting together...

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