Old Dead Limbs

One of the customs of the Chinese people at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new is to open the windows of their homes and throw out everything they don’t want hanging around the new year. That’s a pretty good custom if you ask me, but I’ll bet the street sweepers hate to see what awaits them on New Year’s Day!...

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A Matter of Perspective

Did you hear the story of the traveler who stopped for gas in a small New England town? He asked the attendant, “What type of town is this?” “It all depends,” said the native. “If you are looking for a no-good, moth-eaten, dust-covered dump, then this is your place. But if you’re looking for an enjoyable, quaint, picturesque, rustic charm of a...

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Faith To Believe

Did you hear the story about the tightrope walker who walked across a wire stretched out over Niagara Falls? The people gasped and oohed and awed at his courage and ability. But then he asked the gathered crowd, “Who believes I can walk this wheel barrow across and back?” The crowd wasn’t sure but he demonstrated...

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Ministering Angels?

So here we were at a Seven-Eleven gas station getting a little petrol for our trip home. We had just been visiting my mom, who lived about four city blocks away, and were about to get under way when we pulled in for a fill up. A regular routine, no big deal, right? Not this time. I was having trouble using my wife’s credit card...

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