Thinking of You... Merry Christmas

Dear people in Teague,

Me and my dad are doing great in Groesbeck. We had a good Thanksgiving. I’m glad having him on my favorite holiday, it’s Christmas. I’m very proud of our Teague Lions, who went 11-1 this year and district champions. Thanks to coach Osborn for a great season...

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Appreciates News Articles Highlighting Seniors

Dear Mr. Massey,

I want to congratulate writer Mimi Brown for the excellent front page articles highlighting seniors who have contributed so much to the community of Teague. Two recent ones on the lives of Jo Max Wilson and J. E. Evans, were most enjoyable because their roots, like mine, are in Donie...

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A Bit Of Wisdom That Clearly Speaks For Itself

Dear Editor:

In this terribly troubled world, one with little example of intellect and wisdom as applied to the involvement of the United States in the affairs of other sovereign nations, for following are excerpts from the book LINCOLN IN THE WORLD by Kevin Peraino. “America’s sympathy and the...

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