At Freestone Medical Center to Patients and Families

Dear Patients and Families,

At Freestone Medical Center, we honor the past and embrace the future in order to serve you and our entire community. We are “Freestone Medical Center.” It takes time for our identity and ownership to become recognized, especially by government payers -- Medicare and Medicaid. What does this mean for you? If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you will temporarily see the hospital’s former name, “ETMC,” associated with your Explanation...

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The National Day of Prayer

Dear Steve,

The National Day of Prayer will be held on May 4, 2017, at 7 p.m. Cornerstone Full Gospel Church, located at 303 North State Highway 75 has once again opened their doors to hold this event. We are inviting the whole community to come pray for our nation, our leaders, veterans, police, fire, and first responders, county officials, city officials, school officials and teachers, families, and our pastors. We will pray for these groups as we ask them to stand and be recognized.

These are trying times for our nation. We can make a difference with prayer. Please come join us for a Spirit filled service.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 903.389.7166.

Jan Fielden,

Freestone County Coordinator

National Day of Prayer

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Articles are a Reminder of Teague History

Dear Steve,

Thank you for running the historical articles about Teague. These articles remind me of how helpful Ralph Massey (former owner/editor/publisher of the Teague Chronicle) was preserving Teague History.

In the 1980’s, I was the Freestone County Historical Commission representative that worked with Ralph on getting the Teague Chronicle issues microfilmed at Baylor University. The old papers were deteriorating and in need of preservation. Baylor University made a deal with us. In return for Baylor getting to keep a full copy-set of the Chronicle issues (from about 1906 to about 1985), Baylor agreed to microfilm the old issues free of charge and to provide a full copy-set to the community. Ralph was kind enough to let me load a bundle of the old issues in my car and I would drive them to Baylor, bundle by bundle. When one bundle was copied, I drove a new bundle to Baylor, and picked up the previous bundle to be returned to Ralph. That process went on until all of the issues of the Teague Chronicle were copied.

Ralph’s kindness and generosity allowed us to have practical working base in the work for Volume II, History of Freestone County.

Fundraisers were held to purchase a microfilm reader/printer. When we finally raised enough money and that machine arrived. I worked many mornings, before work, reading those old issues in order to write the history of Teague from 1910 to the date print for Volume II. The fruits of our project were finally here.

Needless to say, Ralph’s generosity made work much easier.

Today, that microfilm is still preserved and available to the public in the Freestone County Museum in Fairfield and in Carroll Library on campus of Baylor University at Waco, Texas. Those old issues contain a wealth of information about past days. I hope that your readers will find this information useful.

Each time I see one of the historical articles in your paper, I say to myself, “Thank you, Ralph”!

James V. Fulcher

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Thanks for promoting TaxAide's free tax services

Dear Steve,

I just wanted to personally thank you for promoting TaxAide’s free tax services this year in Fairfield every Thursday. In 3 sessions, we have done as many returns as we did in the first year so the word has caught on and that is thanks to your communicating our services.  

It is so rewarding to help these taxpayers. So far we’ve probably saved taxpayers over $16,000 (80returns x $200) in tax preparation fees.

Thanks again for making this happen.

Jane Phillips and the TaxAide gang

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