Kiddie Patch Daycare Will Remain Open

Dear Community of Teague,

There have been some questions about what is going to happen to the Kiddie Patch Daycare since Mr. Ruth has passed away. We want to assure you that Kiddie Patch Daycare Center will remain open! Mrs. Ruth’s granddaughter, Colinda Hartless Greer, will be taking over...

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Root Cause of Many Serious Health Issues in County

Dear Editor,

Has anyone addressed the root cause of the many serious health issues in Freestone County?  Why hasn’t our volunteer county health official looked into the numerous cases of autism, brain damage, dementia, heart damage, asthma and heart attacks that continue to occur at what seems to be an accelerated rate...

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Thank you for keeping home fires stoked

Dear Chronicle Staff,

Thank you for all you do to keep the home fires stoked. I grew up in Teague, graduated in 1954. I grew up with Willis Webb, Shirley Jones, and all the rest of the group since it never really mattered what your age was if you were in high school. I, being the oldest of we three....

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