Support Coach Marvin Childs As Next Athletic Director

This is a letter to the citizens of Teague. We have a deeper, refining, and enriching obligation to our community. We have to support our leaders and be more proactive to situations, especially when it comes to our school district. As a community, we are equally accountable for the children here and have to not only involve ourselves, yet ...

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Hey, You Wanna-Be-Criminals, Crime Does Not Pay

I am writing this as a concerned individual, about what I have been reading in the Teague Chronicle.  Each month felony indictments are handed down for various criminal activities.  The primary charges being D.W.I, theft, and drug related.  But when the charge becomes aggravated, or “violent in nature,” the perpetrator has taken their criminal activity to a...

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Kajun Kidd Facts You May Not Be Aware Of

Editor’s Note: The following Letter of Interest is in response to Willis Webb’s March 6th column entitled “Pro rodeo clown Kajun Kidd moved to my hometown.” A quick internet search of “Kajun Kid” returned the following from the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame website: “Known to all in rodeo as the “Kajun Kid,” Dudley Gaudin left Baton Rouge...

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